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Humanity Skills for Young Individuals  

to become extra-ordinary & happi-er by fun life skills for kids!

About the Founder - Nayra Shah
  • Nayra is a 11 year old girl staying in western part of India in a city called Vadodara.


  • She is a Kid Coach, Author, Speaker, Humanity Warrior & Entrepreneur.


  • Inspired by the show Shark Tank, she launched her first business called ‘The Secret Garden’ at the age of 7 for selling her own paintings.

Confident introvert kid is a book and journal that helps shy kid become confident in 5 steps
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Confident Introvert Kid (CIK) Journal

Our CIK Journal & Book is out !! 

Go to Journals page to grab one now !!! 

CIK Journal Trailer
CIK Book Trailer


"Confident Introvert Kid" is a very easy to read and thought provoking book. I really enjoyed how Nayra laid out all the steps along with true examples from her life which helped me connect with the steps much better. I use the journal to make sure I am following all the steps in the correct way. The book has really helped me be more confident and not worry what others think of my Introvert personality. It has also helped me make more friends in school which I am very thankful for. Any kid who wants to learn to be more confident should read and apply the learnings of this book.

Eshaan - a student 

Interview of 11 year old girl Urvi about the book 'Confident Introvert Kid'.

I am amazed at the honesty, genuineness, and creativity that an eleven year old child (Nayra Shah) shows in her book "Confident Introvert Kid - From Shy to Confident in five steps" with an accompanied Journal. My son is an Introvert himself, and I could not have imagined a better guide for him to start practicing different steps to build his confidence in public and private. The steps Nayra lays out are very thought provoking, but also very simple for young kids to connect with and follow.


My son really enjoyed the book, and consciously applies it in his daily life, and we as parents have seen a true objective difference it has made to his day to day confidence.


Personally, I started reading it one day, and could not put the book down till I finished it!


My favorite step: #4 - "Dream big"!!

I really liked the design and layout of your freebie kit. This one is very much focused on achieving your goals. I think that kids will be attracted to the fun-looking kit! 

Naisha - a student 

"I find that the positive affirmations help a lot, in situations where you dont feel confident, I find that saying that i Can and I will, can help with boosting confidence."

12 year old student from USA

The "what’s your superhero kit" is super helpful! It’s a fun activity that is very empowering.

13 year old student from New Jersey

Interview of a 12 year old boy Darren about how 'Bullying' kit helped him.

Ankit Shah - a happy parent 


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It is not important to see the quantity of relationships, but to see the quality of relationships 
- Nayra

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