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Meet Nayra Shah

Kid Coach, Author, Speaker, Humanity Warrior & Entrepreneur 

  • Nayra is a 11 year old girl staying in western part of India in a city called Vadodara.


  • She is a Kid Coach, Author, Speaker, Humanity Warrior & Entrepreneur.


  • Inspired by the show Shark Tank, she launched her first business called ‘The Secret Garden’ at the age of 7 for selling her own paintings.


  • She became an author at an age of 8 when she published her first adventure story book, based on her experiences, called ‘Polly’s life adventures’, which is available on Amazon.


  • Recently she launched a new venture called ‘Humanity Wonders’ , an initiative to teach humanity skills to young individuals globally.


  • She donates 30% of her earnings from her ventures by donating wheel chairs, educational kits, grocery to under privileged kids living in villages near her city.


  • Through all her adventures, her life mission is to spread humanity and contribute towards a more joyful and hopeful world. Her dream is to become General Secretary of United Nations for serving the world.


  • Confident Introvert Kid (CIK) is a first set of book & journal where she shares her journey from being shy to becoming confident.


  • Her life mission is to help young individuals around the world become extraordinary & happier through humanity skills.


  • She is fond of reading books, food, music & watching movies.

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