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CIK Journal is a 80+ pages activity based fun resource for shy introvert young individuals to become and stay confident in 5 simple steps.


The content is designed by Nayra through applying these activities in her daily life. These activities in the journal has helped Nayra to move from a shy introvert kid to a confident introvert kid. Her purpose of designing this journal is to provide an activity based fun learning for shy introvert young individuals to become confident.

10 benefits of CIK journal

  • A non-screen fun time activity

  • 15 + tools to become & stay confident

  • Deal with daily life challenges like bullying, fears, failures, low self esteem, what others think, social shyness and peer pressure in a confident way

  • Forms a positive life time habit of “journaling”

  • Improves mental health

  • Develops self-confidence

  • Boosts emotional intelligence

  • Helps achieve goals faster in a fun way

  • Improves academic performance

  • Sharpens creative & critical thinking skills


CIK journal will also be an useful resource for teachers to developing social, emotional & confident resilient mindset within their students.

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