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A book that will re-define the “taboo of Introvert Kid” to “Introvert Kid being a Superpower” !


This book is Nayra’s story of her own experiences in her own words of how she moved from being a ‘shy’ introvert kid to a becoming a ‘confident’ introvert kid. Her purpose of writing this book is to help shy introvert young individuals become confident in 5 easy and fun steps.


This book will help :

  • shy introvert kids not only accept themselves the way they are but also create more joy within them & become a confident introvert kid. It was also help them to deal with daily life challenges like bullying, fears, failures, low self esteem, what others think, social shyness and peer pressure in a confident way

  • parents of introvert kids build a stronger loving connection with their kids and become their kid’s best friend

  • teachers of introvert students to bring out the best in them and become their favourite teacher


The book includes more than 15 simple and fun tools which an introvert kid can apply in their daily life for enjoying the journey of becoming a confident introvert kid.

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