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How journaling can help you to become a more confident and a more smart person!

Journaling is a habit most kids don’t follow, but it can actually help you a lot.

  • What is journaling ?

It is a habit to write down your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It can also help you to solve your problems in a creative way. Journaling is also fun way to improve your mental health and make your mind more happier.

  • Why journaling is important and good for you?

This habit can help you to improve your self esteem, self confidence, and feel happier day by day.

It can help with overcoming your fears, achieving goals, overcoming negative emotions and problems.

Journaling also boosts your brain power and improves your communication skills as the more you write, the more you become clear about what to express, how to express & when to express.

It helps you to get clear thoughts and how you are feeling in the moment, when you write it down.

  • How to journal?

There are many ways to journal, like creating schedules, writing your thoughts, planners, goal trackers, homework trackers, everyday journaling and many more.

All of them can help you in different, and helpful ways. Like creating schedules can help you keep track of things and important dates like birthdays and tests. keeping a journal or a diary and just writing your thoughts with any preparation is also helpful.

  • How journaling helps me?

Whenever I feel low on confidence or I am sad, I open up one of my jounals and write the positive things that happened to me instead of focusing on the negative ones. I write what I enjoyed doing, like reading, studying, talking to my friends, listening to music, and I also write what I am looking forward for.

  • Types of journaling

The different types of journaling can help you in different and positive ways, and it is not necessary to journal all types but you can choose 1 or 2 that can make a big impact in your life:

  • Traveling journal - used for pasting pictures and writing your experiences of traveling to a particular place.

  • Planning journal - used for planning for your goals, where you can track important dates and plan It accordingly

  • Gratitude journal - for writing what you’re thankful and happy for and why

  • Feelings journal - for writing your feelings and thoughts daily

  • Self help journal - journals for helping you to become happier with a self help guide and tips about it

What kind of a journal would you like to start with?

Choose 1 type of a journal:

  • Traveling journal

  • Planning journal

  • Gratitude journal

  • Feelings journal

  • What is CIK journal and How it can help you?

CIK Journal is a 80+ pages activity based fun resource for shy introvert young individuals to become and stay confident in 5 simple steps.

The content is designed by me through applying these activities in my daily life. These activities in the journal has helped me to move from a shy kid to a confident introvert kid. My purpose of designing this journal is to provide an activity based fun learning for shy young individuals to become confident.

10 benefits of CIK journal

  • A non-screen fun time activity

  • 15 + tools to become & stay confident

  • Deal with daily life challenges like bullying, fears, failures, low self esteem, what others think, social shyness and peer pressure in a confident way

  • Forms a positive life time habit of “journaling”

  • Improves mental health

  • Develops self-confidence

  • Boosts emotional intelligence

  • Helps achieve goals faster in a fun way

  • Improves academic performance

  • Sharpens creative & critical thinking skills

CIK journal will also be an useful resource for teachers to developing social, emotional & confident resilient mindset within their students.

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