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One of most magical and comforting book ever!!

Do you want to experience some magic, love, kindness, making friends, and some vocabulary? If yes, then “If this were a story”, is a perfect book, and can teach you a lot of life lessons, which not only a 10 year old girl teaches, but a toy elephant, a penny, signals, and many more things teach.

"If this were a story", is a book written by Beth Turley, consisting of 270+ pages, filled with wisdom, creativity and different life lessons! Beth Turley is a children’s author, who graduated from Western Connecticut State University, where she was a part of a Creative and Professional Writing program. She is also the author of “The Last Tree Town” which was published in 2020, and “The Flyer” which was published in 2021.

This book is about a 10-year-old girl, Hannah Geller , who is portrayed to be introverted and creative in her own way. She has a big love for sounds, and vocabulary, and also loves to participate in spelling bees. She can hear only sad sounds in her house, because of her parents fighting all the time makes a sound of the wall crashing! But her one and only companion, a toy elephant, Ambrose, from a story “Lost in a funhouse”, is always there for her. Hannah thinks that Ambrose was once lost in a funhouse, but in reality, he was actually lost in life.

One day, Hannah starts receiving notes in her school, with mean and hurtful comments, like “Nobody likes Hannah”, “Go away”. Her teacher, counsellor, and her fighting parents try their best to help her find out who is writing the notes, and even Hannah herself finds some suspects. In the process of finding out who wrote the notes about her, her close friend, Courtney, says that Hannah is very weird, and eventually leaves her, and she also gets close with her 8th grade penpal, Ashley, who is a friendly teenager, and a little companion to Hannah.

Will Hannah finally figure out who actually wrote the negative notes to her?

Join Hannah Geller, on her adventures of life, while she deals with bullying, family issues, making friends, and some adventures of her sounds, spellings, stories with Ambrose, and stories with other life teaching, cool, and fun characters!

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