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3 satisfying activities for creating peaceful boundaries for your kids

Updated: May 3, 2022

What peace for kids is nowadays: video games, mobile, Instagram, YouTube

What peace actually is: meditation, reading, listening to music, journalling, playing sports, walking in the nature

There are some satisfying activities that can create peaceful boundaries for your kids, and show them what life really is in this blog.

1. Colouring on zen pages

Colouring may sound a 3 year old’s job, but it can be helpful to any kind of age group even adults, as it boosts their creativity, thinking skills, and most importantly, it makes soothes their mind and makes their soul more peaceful. It also helps them with mindfulness, helps them with their motor skills, patience, concentration and relaxation.

2. Walking in the nature

Walking by the trees, flowers, removing your shoes and putting your feet on the grass and feeling its serenity can be your biggest stress reliever. Walking in the nature and listening to the sounds of birds is also very peaceful. Did you know, that putting your feet in the grass can increase your eyesight? Nature can help them in many more forms.

3. Closing eyes and breathing

This exercise is a very satisfying and peaceful activity, follow the steps:

Put your hands on your ears

Close your eyes

Breath 3 times

Listen to the sounds - ac, fan, people talking, vessels, trees, vehicles etc

Observe and think about the present

How this activity can help you: it improves your thinking skills, concentration skills, make you feel more happier, and make you feel more satisfied and peaceful.


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