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4 awesome ways your child can make friends

Many kids struggle to make new friends, especially introverts, because of their shy, quiet, reserved personality. At this point you may think that being an introvert is a boring and a bad personality, but no introvert kids can very fun at times and they can also learn to make new friends.

1. Reach out to online friends

There are many websites which can help introvert kids to make friends, like kin zoo is an app where they can chat with other kids and make friends, sit with us is also an app where they can make friends when their are having lunch just like they used to when they used to go to school.

2. Make penpal friends

Penpal friends are friends which they can make by writing letters online to kids all around the world. They can learn about each other’s interests, cultures, traditions, family, and also snail mails. Two of the best sites are - Interpals and Students of the world.

3. Join courses and communities

When they join courses and communities of their interests like sports, art, chess, writing, public speaking, then they will also find like - minded kids who are about they age and they can also share hobbies and interests with them.

4. Have a clear communication style

A clear, confident and effective communication style can always deliver a perfect message introvert kids want to send. Like, when someone asks you to help them with the homework, instead of hesitating, say something just like this - “Sure, I will help you after I am done with mine!” When you communicate clearly, they automatically feel connected by heart and mind and get positive vibes from you and can also be a very good friend of yours!


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