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4 Educational movies for kids

Most of the time, we are confused on what to watch on TV. Like do I watch comedy or thriller? There are many such movies that fun to watch, that can entertain plus educate us and I am sharing with you some of those movies in this blog for kids.

  1. The pursuit of happiness


The pursuit of happiness is an inspirational movie on life and happiness. It is a true story about a man called Chris Gardner, who faces financial failures, when his wife decides to get separated and leave their 5 year old son with him. He wanted to be a stock broker, so he applied at an internship, to become one. In his journey to become a stock broker, he learns about happiness and life and what it can lead to.

What we can learn from The pursuit of happiness:

Perseverance, persistence, determination, dedication, and willing to work hard.

Where to watch:



2. Wonder


Wonder is a movie about a boy called “Auggie” (August) who has facial differences since he was born. He joins a new school to come out of his comfort zone, but he still faces bullies. He learns to overcome them by his supporting parents and sister, and going through various experiences. He becomes more brave, resilient, strong and ambitious towards his dream.

What we can learn from Wonder:

Kindness, acceptance, empathy, equality, friendship.

Where to watch:

Netflix and Prime Video


3. Hidden figures


Three ambitious women - Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson are female African-American mathematicians who have an important role in John Glenn’s launch into orbit while they also deal with racial discrimination at work. It is an inspirational story about the 3 women and how hard working they toward they are towards their dreams.

What we can learn from Hidden figures:

Working on your dreams, women empowerment, gender and racial equality.

Where to watch:



4. Inside Out


Riley moves to San Francisco from Minnesota to start a new life when she is 11 years old. She experiences new challenges when her 5 emotions cope up with her - joy, sadness, disgust, anger, fear.

What we can learn from Inside Out:

The different emotions, empathy, Coping with emotions.

Where to watch Inside Out:


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