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What society gets wrong with introvert kids

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Society often assumes that being an introvert is a “bad thing” or a “taboo and in this blog I will share what they get wrong with introvert kids and what they should focus on.

What society thinks about introvert kids:

What society should focus on instead:

- Society believes that kids should socialize often and staying alone can harm them

Everyone believes that socializing and having people skills is very important especially for a kid so that they can use it when they grow up. Socializing and making friends is also important for a kid, especially for a shy kid so that they can open up in the world.

But pressurizing and labeling them is the wrong way to convince. Introvert kids love spending time alone and doing the things they love alone, rather than going to social gatherings.

If you ever ask a kid who is an introvert, between going to parties or reading books alone, they would choose reading books. Solitary activities give us introvert kids more space, peace, time, and serenity.

If society wants introvert kids to make friends and socialize, then push them gently and in a kind way, don't pressurize them as if it’s their main priority in life. So push them to make friends, don't pressurize them and create an environment where not only introvert kids, but everyone feels that solitude is a self comfort activity.

- Society believes that talking is more important than staying quiet

Society thinks if introvert kids don't talk much, they will be left behind and will not be successful.

Proper communication skills are important for introvert kids to accomplish but that does not mean that talking is their number one priority when it comes to success and communicating.

For proper conversations, listening is also important. If a kid keeps on talking and the other person keeps listening, then it will be unfair to the other person. Talking + listening both are important for a meaningful relationship and conversation. For success and achieving dreams, learning is also important. Talking about your feelings are decisions are also important, but learning how to communicate what you want to express is the core of it.

And staying quiet for introvert kids gives us peace. So instead of making them feel that talking is more important than staying quiet, appreciate their listening and learning skills.

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