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2 healthy and positive habits for kids to do before going to bed

Updated: May 3, 2022

1. Read a book before sleeping

How to do it:

Choose a book - fiction or non fiction and read it at both times - BEFORE sleeping and AFTER sleeping. They can read at least 10 - 15 pages for 30 mins and transfer into another mysterious, magical, positive world.

How it will help them:

Reading a book BEFORE sleeping and AFTER sleeping can:

Give them a break from screen 📵

Make them go to sleep fast 😑

Improve sleep quality

Improve concentration

Boosts creativity and thinking skills

2. Pray to god and say 3 thank you’s

How to do it:

Say your prayers and thank god for the 3 best things that happened to you throughout the day, like something you learnt, something you enjoyed, someone special you met or anything else that made you happy.

How it will help them:

It will make them realise how much they are blessed with and how much happy they are than the ones who don’t have anything.

They will learn to be: grateful, happier, kinder to themselves, god, people around them animals and the environment.

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