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3 books that can help kids become confident

All parents want the best for their child and they also want their child to do screen free activities such writing, reading, studying etc. So in this blog I am sharing 3 fun books that can help kids become confident.

  1. Confident Introvert Kid book by Humanity Wonders

This book by Humanity Wonders, can help shy, introvert kids to become confident by 5 fun steps with fun tools and frameworks. The tools, frameworks, methods, tips in this book, will be very helpful for the introvert kid to become and stay confident. They can read for 15 - 20 minutes everyday and apply it day by day to become a - Confident Introvert Kid! It will take at least 1 month to finish the book and become confident. It is also explained why being an introvert is not a taboo and it is a superpower.

2. Little Big Chats by Jayneen Sanders

Little big chats is a collection of 12 tiny books which covers big but important topics for kids. It has questions in each book, beautiful illustrations, and educational information that kids need to know between the ages of 2-10. It will help parents see the confidence in their child after looking at the beautiful illustrations and interactive activities. It teaches them about life skills and values so that they can become better, kinder, humane human beings.

3. Quiet power by Erica Moroz, Gregory Mone, and Susan Cain

Quiet is a book for introverts but the kids version is Quiet power. It is a book with fun stories which explains that being introvert kid is not a bad thing and all the traits and qualities of an introvert. It has famous quotes by world leaders and artists on introversion. It makes shy kids confident that being an introvert kid is not a bad thing, staying quiet is what makes us our original self. It also has cute and fun illustrations for making the journey of confidence more fun and interesting.

Don’t wait and read these books for a fun journey of confidence! Happy reading!

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