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5 fun non screen activities for kids that can develop creativity and decrease screen time

Updated: May 3, 2022

Nowadays, with the ongoing pandemic, kids have been spending a lot of time on screen. While certain activities like attending online school is a must on screen, there are a lot of other activities that can be done without screen.

I have listed down 5 fun non screen activities that any kid can do. Try these activities & write in the comments how you felt after doing it

1. Cooking easy dishes

Cooking is a fun activity to learn so that they can use it when you are hungry. Learn to cook a simple and tasty dish by an elder so that they learn the skill early instead of learning it when they grow up. It is also a creative skill to develop for feeding them and others. When a kid’s mind is into cooking, it keeps them away from the screen and teaches them how you can also have fun without tabs, tv, laptop or mobile.

2. Playing an instrument

Playing an instrument is also a creative skill to develop to soothe the child’s mind and soul, improves so many other cognitive and physical aspects of their body, reduces stress, cultivates creativity and helps them in many different forms. I have decided to learn the mouth organ and flute this year.

3. Solving puzzles

Solving puzzles like a word search, crossword puzzle, sudoku, rubic cube can help boost their brain power, improves your problem solving, analytical skills, improves memory and mood. Puzzles can help them in many different ways and just like books, these kinds of fun puzzles can make them go into some other world.

4. Writing a story

Writing a story can make them imagine a different world with different creatures and characters, and different locations. Writing a story inspires creativity, improves their communication skills, improves their storyboarding skills, and improves their organisation skills. This activity also makes them go into another fun, imaginary, free spirited world.

5. Colouring on zen pages

Colouring on zen pages can also soothe the mind, soul, heart and can make you enrich your creativity and designing skills.

Enjoy your screen free time !!!


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