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Encanto movie review!

Do you want to experience magic, love, comedy, and kindness? If yes, Encanto is one of the best movies to watch and enjoy with your family!

About the movie:

Encanto is a 1 hour and 50 minutes movie that released in November 2021.

Encanto is a film distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and is directed by Byron Howard, Jared Bush. Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for creating the soundtrack and songs for Encanto.

About the story:

Mirabel Madrigal, the only child from the family Madrigal without a gift, can be the last hope of the family to save the Encanto, when she finds out the Casita (house) was in danger.

She embarks on a journey to discover how she can save the Encanto and help her family in the best way.

On her journey, she also understands more about her family and improves her relationship with them.

What makes the movie so interesting and fun to watch:

It has interesting supporting characters, like Mirabel’s sisters and cousins, like Luisa, Isabella, Antonio, Camilo, and Dolores. They all have special qualities and gifts which make them unique and interesting to watch.

Encanto also has beautiful animation, and songs with great meanings. This movie has also been showcased on the Oscar’s and many famous entertainment award shows.

Will Mirabel really save the magic and make her proud?

Join Mirabel Madrigal, on her journey to save the miracle, make her family proud, and discover her own gift!

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